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Empowering Impact Startups to Soar: Discover The Lab at The Real Impact Company

At The Real Impact Company, we’re on a mission to harness our wealth of experience and extensive network to empower impact startups to rapidly advance to their next developmental milestone. As pioneers in guiding you to a position where attracting investors becomes a reality, we stand as your ultimate partner in scaling your venture.

Where Uniqueness Meets Innovation

Our advisory board features the winner of the prestigious 2022 Supergasell award, given to Sweden’s fastest-growing and most profitable company, showcasing our commitment to excellence. Our expertise spans across finance, law, business development, HR, impact entrepreneurship, fundraising and leadership. We don’t just understand how to create profitable business models; we redefine them to make a global impact.

Deep Knowledge & Personalized Consulting

Our approach is rooted in deep knowledge and personalized consulting, ensuring that every strategy is tailored to your startup’s unique challenges and opportunities for growth. Our network, comprising founders, finance veterans, and sustainability experts, becomes your invaluable asset, ready to impart wisdom that accelerates your journey.


What We Offer

For the Business

Development of your business model to attract customers and investors alike.

For Leadership

Enhancement of your leadership skills and team dynamics, ensuring peak efficiency.

For Innovation

Integration of impact at every business level, fostering a culture of innovation.

For the Economy

Assistance in securing the capital required for your next big leap.

For the Organization

Creation of efficient, scalable structures and systems, laying the groundwork for sustainable growth.

Join us at The Lab, where your vision for an impact-driven future meets our expertise and resources. Together, let’s shape a world where your startup not only thrives but leads the way in making a real difference.


Rodrigo Garay


Visiting Address:
The Park Södra
Magnus Ladulåsgatan 1

Administrative Address:
Lugnets Allé 52
120 68 Stockholm

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